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Owner & Coach


Jack is the big cheese down here at Quays, he runs the joint and is Head Coach. You'll mostly find him in the boat coaching, as a former waterskier and current pro-wakeboarder, he has a wealth of knowledge and 10 years coaching experience behind him.


Owner & Manager


Faye runs Quays along with her partner Jack and you'll find her in reception most of the time. 
She'd wakesurf everyday if she could but also has a love for wakeboarding too. As she's an amateur herself, she enjoys coaching beginners on the cable and introducing people to wakesurfing!





We're very proud to have Jorge as part of the team. From a very young age he has trained down at Quays and gone from strength to strength on the competition circuit. Jorge eats, sleeps and breathes wakeboarding and doesn't go a day without a ride.
Jorge has a number of sponsors and you'll struggle to find a better rider in the UK.


Receptionist & Trainee Coach 


Enthusiastic is the best word to describe Seb and it's infectious when you're around him. We think that's why he'll make a great coach so we're training him to operate the cable and the boat.

He mostly rides cable but jumps at the chance to ride boat too.


Holiday Club Leader  


Charlie has been wakeboarding at the club since she was a teenager. She has since built up a lot of experience as a Nanny and now gets to combine the two, making her a great host for our Summer Holiday Club!


Lake Dog


The newest addition to the team is Wilma the Quays dachshund. She'll be at the lake everyday, riding the boat with Jack or chilling in reception with Faye.

Wilma loves people so feel free to say hi, just don't pick her up because she loves to be free!

If you don't like dogs just let us know and we'll keep her out of your way.


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